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  1. Substitute

    Biomes Missing

    I'll fix the desert zone issue, as for opacity the islands should be layered on-top of the biome layer, unless you mean the zone highlighting. The biomes as-is are not final as I try to figure out a better solution.
  2. Substitute

    How to Use

    Controls: Layer Control, this control allows for changing which layers are shown on the map. Zoom, this control allows you to zoom the map in or out. Right clicking the map will show the in-game GPS coordinates rounded to two digits.
  3. Substitute

    Map Ideas

    Absolutely! I can start to put the code on my personal GitLab and give you access if you'd like to look-over the code. This is actually my first leaflet project and I don't normally use Javascript (Typescript.) This has been added.
  4. Substitute

    Map Ideas

    Post ideas for the map that you would like added here.